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The IBCD seeks to do field-based research and training through strategic partnerships with indigenous leaders or missionaries and mission agencies in order to more effectively transfer the ownership of the development process into the hands of local leaders and their communities.


We have found that most, if not all, indigenous communities have within them very talented and skilled members who often only need some seed ideas to set themto thinking of new ways of doing things in their context that will greatly benefit their families and communities. With a little training and equipping to start them off, they often continue on to solve many of the problems their communities faceand in ways that a foreign worker might never consider. The development that happens fromthis type of beginning can be much more appropriate and sustainable than outside interventions designed and funded by aid agencies or foreign missions.


Also, in the search for some of those good ‘seed ideas’ we do interviews, assessments, and field research in the areas where our partners live and work. This then provides us with the parameters that guide our home-based research.


With the above in mind we have developed several partnerships for mutual benefit:


·         John Brown University, USA:BA (Intercultural Studies, Renewable Energy)

·         Perspectives, USA: Christian Community Development

·         Handong Global University, Korea: MA (Global Development and Entrepreneurship)

·         GMTC (Global Missionary Training Center, Korea):Integral Mission

·         New Hope Institute for Childcare and Family, Uganda: Biblical Community Development / Global Sourcing

·         SIM International, International: Biblical Community Development

·         Wycliffe Global Alliance, International: Biblical Community Development

·         UN Academic Impact, International: National Leader Empowerment







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