IBCD is an agriculturally-based, international Christian community nestled along the Illinois River in the hills of Northeast Oklahoma at the Center for Integral Mission. We welcome any and all travelers who need a place to rest, reflect, recreate, and be restored. Throughout the year, we host camps and trainings that emphasize community development in rural areas. We also provide space for visitors who wish to stay a day, a weekend, or a month and experience what it is like to live in a close-knit and caring community: to work, eat, and live alongside people who seek to serve God in all persons. We provide private rooms for study, reflection, and prayer, as well as ample space to walk, swim, fish, canoe, think and enjoy our corner of Oklahoma. We have staff trained to counsel, and educational courses to participate in. Come for a visit. Help us feed the goats and hogs, gather eggs, and pick strawberries. Harvest your lunch from the garden. Join us in our prayers and times of sharing. All are welcome. All are children of God.”

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