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The Institute for Biblical Community Development was formed as a mission organization at John Brown University in 2005 by Dr. Young- Gurl Kim, whose background and experience give the mission its unique direction and focus.


The Institute has a multi-national, multi-talented staff and supporting band of committed volunteers and donors who share in the mission and who desire to be used by Christ as agents of redemption to individuals, families, communities, and the society at large.

Our mission is to do RESEARCH and TRAINING on community development principles and technologies and to implement these through strategic PARTNERSHIPS in the field.

We promote biblically sound, holistic, and sustainable development practices in order that the basic human needs of those who are disadvantaged and needy may be met.

We seek to equip missionaries and indigenous leaders with the resolve and capability to model and implement these practices in their communities, allowing the people to become the true owners of their own development.

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