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Generalist Training


Join with Missionaries, indigenous leaders or missionaries from all over the world and future missionaries to learn practical skills to help the poor help themselves in a context of Christian Community Development. Come to Center for Integral Mission in Oklahoma for 4-week Generalist training in “Redeemed technology” and Christian community development.


The primary goal of this 4-week Intensive Generalist Training is to provide trainees an understanding of the philosophy of holistic mission, biblical principles and strategies of community development, and an opportunity to practice basic skills for sustainable livelihood and development in impoverished contexts. At the end of the training you will have acquired basic knowledge and ability to assess holistic needs in a community, set priorities, plan for solutions, and pursue a biblical community development process to resolve challenges a community faces. Secondly, you will have acquired basic hands-on skills useful for carrying out projects in water resources development and management, food production, nutrition and balanced diet, health and sanitation, renewable energy development, and local micro-economic development projects. A third objective is to prepare trainees to be able to apply the philosophy and principles of holistic development to the broader context of community development practice.

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